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Our group has a wide range of national & international collaborators with whom we work towards understanding a variety of different cell systems, as well as developing our methods.

Have a look at the list below to know more about our network-

Method Development: High-Throughput Cell Mechanics: Project

Greifswald - University of Greifswald

Prof. Uwe Bornscheuer (Biochemistry)

Prof. Thomas Ihle (Physics)

Prof. Volkmar Liebscher (Mathematics)

Prof. Markus Münzenberg (Physics)

Greifswald - University Medicine Greifswald

Prof. Almut Meyer-Bahlburg (Pediatrics / Rheumatology)

Dr. Lukas Bosaller (Internal Medicine A / Rheumatology)

Profs. Karihans Endlich & Nicole Endlich (Anatomy)

Prof. Stephan B. Felix (Cardiology)

Prof. Ute Felbor (Genetics)

Prof. Jens Fielitz (Cardiology)

Prof. Andreas Greinacher (Transfusion)

Dr. Christopher Lillig (Medical Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)

Greifswald - Research Institutes

Dr. Sander Bekeschuss (INP)

Dr. Kirstian Wende (INP)

National Collaborations

Dr. Markus Bender (Würzburg)

Dr. Salvatore Girardo (Dresden)

Prof. Jens Hartin (Nürnberg)

Dr. Nektarios Koukoukrakis (Dresden)

Dr. David Poitz (Dresden)

Dr. David Smith (Leipzig)

Prof. Thomas Voigtmann (Erlangen)

International Collaborations

Ewa Guzniczak (UK)

Prof. Chen Chia-Huong (Singapore)

Dr. Stefano Pagliara (UK)

Dr. Uenal Silvan (Switzerland)

Prof. Yong Ak-Song (Abu Dhabi)

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